Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Fever Code by James Dashner

The Fever Code by James Dashner

Book Review by OL; Grade 8

  The Fever Code is the fifth and last book in The Maze Runner series
written by James Dashner. This particular novel is a flashback that
takes place when all of the main characters were young children. WCKD
took their names from them and changed them into completely different
people. Since the sun flares destroyed earth, this organization trained
these kids to solve puzzles at a faster pace than the rest of the
population.  They were being educated to be part of the “maze trails”. 

Thomas and Teresa were separated from the rest of the boys so they could
grasp harder subjects-- which then leads to them building and helping to
create the Maze and Glade. After many years of separation from the
soon-to-be Gladers, Dr. Paige decided that they should reconnect with
the others to create friendships.

One by one, all of the others were sent into the Glade, leaving Thomas,
Teresa, and Chuck behind. After Chuck was sent down in the box, Thomas
began to realize that WCKD is not good. He decided that he wanted to be
sent into the Maze to help the other kids rebel and understand what
happened to them. 
Finally, Dr. Paige decides that the Elites (Thomas, Teresa, Aris, and
Rachel) will keep their memories so they can communicate with each other
and WCKD while in the Maze. What Thomas doesn’t know, is that his
memories will be removed, but Teresa’s will stay intact, which causes
them struggles along the way.

James Dashner kept me reading because there were so many secrets
revealed during this book.  The chapters are short and there are a lot
of cliffhangers.  Teen readers who like dystopian novels will enjoy this
series and fans of this series should definitely read the final book of
the Maze Runner.   

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